Friday, 7 February 2014

Edinburgh's new town Tour

"You can now book the Saints & Sinners New town tour" don't delay get in touch today !!

This tour explores the streets and buildings that put Edinburgh on the map and to discover some of the people whose ideas and ambitions created 'the Athens of the North’. 
Conceived during the 18th Century determined that Edinburgh should be a credit to the Hanoverian –ruled UK and rid itself of its reputation for overcrowding and squalor The great and the good left the old town for this new style of living, in what was and still is neo classical Georgian splendor.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mary Queen of Scots - The Edinburgh Story

Our new Tour that is premièring at the Edinburgh Fringe 1 - 31, Aug 2014, starting point outside MacDonald Holyrood Hotel, 81 Holyrood Road,EH8 8AU@ 1400.

Mary is one of the most romantic and tragic figures in history.  We journey through the old town to get a feel for the life and times of Mary and Edinburgh.

There have been many books, films, documentaries etc on Mary Stuart, giving us many perceptions of Mary, those involved with her, and incidents in her life. A story of power, politics, romance, religion, murder and treachery. Mary Queen of Scots spent six short but turbulent years here in the capital, at a pivotal time in Scottish history. And the drama that unfolded has fascinated generations ever since.